Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who is Child Foundation and where do you work?

Established in 1994, Child Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the state of Oregon. Child Foundation's programs currently serve children in: Afghanistan, Indonesia, Iran, Nepal, and the United States.

2. What is the sponsorship program?

Sponsorship provides ongoing economic stability for a child in need, enabling him or her to remain in school. Sponsorship creates a unique relationship between an individual donor and a sponsored child. By pairing up a child with one or more sponsors, this child is able to obtain the necessary relief and aid that he or she needs. Generally, children sponsored through Child Foundation's programs are supported for their entire academic career. For some children this is up until high school, for others it may mean throughout their college years. 

3. What is Child Foundation's mission and purpose?

Our mission and purpose as a public charity is to help gifted and talented children who are economically disadvantaged remain in school. Child Foundation supports children and their respective families to overcome the burdens of poverty so that they can become healthy, educated, self-sustaining and contributing members of society. 

4. Who runs Child Foundation?

Child Foundation is supervised by a Board of Directors who are all working as volunteers. Their names and information can be found here.

5. Do you have permission from the government?

Yes, we do. We are registered in the United States and our federal tax ID is 93-1148608. Our affiliated offices in Afghanistan, Canada, Germany, Iran, Switzerland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom are all registered with their local government and have permits to work in their countries as nonprofit organizations. Due to economic sanctions against Iran, Child Foundation has applied and received multiple OFAC licenses for working in Iran as well as transferring $2 million per year to Iran. Our License numbers with OFAC are: IA-2012-295051-1 and IA-2014-311236-3.

6. How can I sponsor a child?

You can visit our website at or go straight to our sponsorship page located here: and select a child. You can also call our offices and ask our sponsorship department to choose a child according to your preferences.

7. How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

Our minimum sponsorship level is $30.00 a month. However, to provide a child with the assistance that he or she needs, our sponsored children generally receive monthly support equal to $80.00 - $90.00 from multiple sponsors. 

8. Can I cancel my sponsorship?

You can cancel your sponsorship at any time by calling (503) 224-0409 or sending an email to However, we prefer that you inform us at least a month in advance so we can replace you with another sponsor. This way there will not be any interruption in our services to the child that you have been helping.

9. Is there any age limit for a child who wants to be sponsored through your organization?

No. Child Foundation does not set an age limit for sponsored children. However, we strive to commence supporting children in their early years. Generally, sponsorship starts when a child enters the first grade.

10. What criteria do you use to select children for your sponsorship programs?

The children enrolled in our programs are first and foremost in need. Child Foundation uses social workers and teachers to identify children who are gifted and talented. Usually, these children are very studious and have the talent and desire to succeed. 

11. What is the gender ratio of children enrolled in your sponsorship programs?

Our vision is based on the belief that all children have the right to access education as well as the right to have a happy and successful life. In support of the United Nation's 2015 Millennium Development Goals, Child Foundation has focused on increasing access to education and gender equality in the classroom. Today, 58% of the children sponsored through Child Foundation's sponsorship programs are females. 

12. How do you ensure that the funds you receive are spent as your sponsors intend?

We are able to ensure that funds are spent in accordance with our donors' intent because an accountant who is experienced in nonprofit accounting and financial management works closely with our staff. Child Foundation's annual financial statement audits comply with the Internal Revenue's tax requirements for nonprofit organizations and generally accepted accounting principles. Full financial statements are available on our website.

13. How can I evaluate Child Foundation's financial history and operations?

There are many ways that you can check Child Foundation's financial history and operations. As a public charity we are registered with the following organizations. You can check their website to see how they've rated us.

I. Charity Navigator: America's premier charity evaluator has given Child Foundation their highest rating (Four Stars)

II. GuideStar: The national database of nonprofit organizations operating in the U.S. has given Child Foundation its gold rating (The Gold Participant)

III. Independent Charities of America: ICA has provided Child Foundation with their highest seal of approval (Best). Out of over a million charities in America, fewer than 2,500 have been awarded this seal, and Child Foundation is one of them. 

IV. Child Foundation had been working with UN agencies and had received grants from UNDP for its humanitarian and educational activities. Our Tehran office have had consultative status with United Nation’s Economic and Social Council since 2005. We are also members of agencies related to the Unites Nations such as United Nations’ Associations.


Child Foundation's annual and fiscal reports are always available to the general public. You can read our annual reports here and view our financial reports (done by an independent auditor) and our tax returns here.

As an international charity serving children in need around the world, we are very careful to follow the rules and guidelines mandated by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Information about our license is here

14. Have you been audited by any U.S. government agents?

Yes, in 2012 the audit committee of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) examined all of Child Foundation's accounts for the last five years and concluded that all income, expenses, and credits had been reported accurately. According to the IRS letter, Child Foundation continues to qualify for exemption from Federal Income Tax and will continue to hold a 501(c)(3) status.

15. How much of my $30.00 donation is actually used to assist the child I am sponsoring?

Child Foundation takes enormous pride in making sure that the funding we receive from our sponsors and donors is used for our programs in an optimal manner. In the 2015-2016 fiscal year, ending May 31, 2016, approximately 93% of your donations were used directly for our programs that benefit children. If your contribution to your child is greater than his/her needs, the remainder of your donation will be used for other children in need.

16. How is Child Foundation able to operate with such low overhead expenses?

Child Foundation maintains low overhead expenses by doing the following: 1. Providing programs to large numbers of children in concentrated areas, helping us to efficiently and effectively distribute benefits. 2. Making sure our social workers are trained volunteers who live in that country or region. 3. Actively pursuing donations from corporations and companies. 4. Orchestrating fundraising events with trained volunteers. 5. Maximizing resources: Child Foundation operates with a small staff who each assume a variety of roles. 6. Utilizing volunteers throughout the United States and other countries who help Child Foundation.

17. How often will I receive updates and reports on my sponsored child's progress?

Twice a year you will receive a progress report from your child (the first report on your child may take up to 9 months, especially if your sponsored child is new to the program). This report will update you on your child’s academic progress, his or her living conditions and any changes in your child’s mental or physical health. Along with this report, you will receive an updated picture, a letter from your child and a letter from your child’s social worker. 

18. Does Child Foundation have any political or religious agenda?

Not at all. Child Foundation has no governmental, political, religious, ethnic or racial affiliations. We are a public charity established solely to help children in need obtain an education and remain in school. 

19. How does Child Foundation send my contribution to my sponsored child?

Child Foundation sends assistance to the children in its program in the form of cash and goods. We are commited to following the rules and regulations mandated by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of Treasury as well as the rules and regulations of countries receiving our aid.

Prior to 2014, we had to provide our children with food items according to OFAC regulations, but since then, we have been utilizing OFAC General License E to send $500,000 and later our own License No IA-2014-311236-2 that enables Child Foundation to send up to $2,000,000 cash annually.

20. Can I visit my sponsored child?

Of course. A face-to-face meeting between your child and you or your representative gives you the opportunity to witness firsthand how he or she lives. It also enables you to see how your contributions are being used and what they provide. 

21. Can I write to my sponsored child, and can he or she write to me?

Yes! You will receive two progress reports and letters per year from your sponsored child. You can also write to your child as often as you wish. 

22. Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes. All contributions made to Child Foundation are deductible from taxable income in the U.S. Every January, Child Foundation sends an official statement to its donors that reflects all of their donations from the previous year. Our tax ID number is 93-1148608.

23. How can a Corporate Matching Gift Program help my child?

Many sponsors participate in their company's Matching Gift Program. Matching Gift Programs enable employers to double, triple and sometimes quadruple their employee's charitable contributions. Simply contact your human resources department and ask if your company has a Matching Gift Program for public charities.

24. How can I review Child Foundation’s financial reports and tax forms?

Child Foundation takes greats pride in its fiscal accountability. Child Foundation arranges for an annual financial audit through an independent CPA firm and we work with an accounting firm that specializes in nonprofit organizations. Click here to view the reports.

25. Does Child Foundation provide other humanitarian aid to help children in need?

Although Child Foundation's main goal is to help children to go to school, in some special cases it provides other humanitarian aids to help children in need. Child Foundation has been very active when deadly earthquakes stroked Afghanistan, Haiti, Iran, Japan, Pakistan, and Turkey by collecting donations which resulted in building schools in Haiti and Iran, and transferring assistance in other countries. Our Afghanistan office constantly organizes blood drives to help children with thalassemia and provides free rides for their blood transfusions. We also fundraise for children who need expensive surgeries that they cannot afford. 

26. How can I help Child Foundation?

There are many ways that you can help Child Foundation to assist children in need. 

  • Sponsor a child: Just go to our Sponsor page and choose one or more children to help.
  • Donate: You can visit our one-time-donation page and choose any of our humanitarian projects in which you are interested and help launch or continue that program through your generosity.
  • Volunteer: Please complete our volunteer application, and we will contact you to see how we can work together to help children in need.
  • Spread the Word: Talk to your friends and family about Child Foundation's humanitarian activities and share with them your own experience. If you need additional copies of our annual magazine, annual report, or just a list of our children waiting to be sponsored, please contact us and we will send them to you
  • Follow us: We are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can follow us on our social media outlets or just send us your e-mail and we will send you our monthly newsletter.