Sadat's Story


This is the story of Sadat, a 15 year old girl in Afghanistan who took her own life as the result of harsh living conditions.

February 20, 2012
Sadat is a 15 year old girl from Afghanistan. She is in the ninth grade, but she is not an average teenager. Three months ago, her father forced her to marry an abusive husband. Her new husband beat, tortured, and constantly abused her. Sadat tried to contact local authorities and advocacy groups, but nobody would help. In an attempt to take her own life to end the suffering, Sadat poured a kerosene lamp all over her body and lit herself of fire with a match. Over 85% of her body is badly injured and she will not be able to be treated in Afghanistan. It will take an incredible amount of medical attention and support for Sadat to be treated and recover.

Please consider making a donation so that together we can help Sadat recover. On our donation page there is a special section for Sadat's Fund.

You can view a short You Tube video here.

You can also view a short BBC Persia video here.

Here is Sadat before and after her burns:


February 21, 2012
We have a wonderful update regarding Sadat. Today she was airlifted to Turkey and will soon undergo operations. While not many details are available at the moment, we will do our best to keep you posted.

February 27, 2012
We sadly must inform you that Sadat has passed away. Even though Sadat had many blood donors ready, the infection as a result of the burns was too much for her body to fight. Child Foundation is working with other organizations on possible prevention programs for the future. Those who made donations in support of Sadat should be contacted shortly.

An Emergency Response Fund has been created, please consider donating so that we can immediately help in situations like this.

You will be missed Sadat, but your story lives on.