Emergency Assistance - Haiti


Haiti is Waiting! Help NOW!



Hurricane Mathew (category 4) just hit Haiti and caused enormous damage. It is the worst hurricane hitting the island in 52 years. The impacts of this hurricane are catastrophic. Hundreds and perhaps more than a thousand had been killed.


Based on preliminary report, the whole South Department is seriously affected and flooded. Hundreds and perhaps maybe thousand had been killed and more than 30,000 houses had been flatted. Several hundreds of thousands of people are hungry, scared and hopeless. They have no water, no shelter, and no food. In short, it is a total disaster. 


Child Foundation is working in with a local trusted charity that is in close collaboration with several local municipalities in the South Department to bring much needed assistance to the victims. We are thus reaching out to you for assisting us to help these victims. 


Previously, in 2010, Child Foundation helped Haitian children by donating more than $40,000 to rebuild schools. Again, we need your help to assist many children who are in need of basics.


Please donate generously to our Emergency Assistance Haiti Fund. The time is now.



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