College Sponsorship


The College Sponsorship Program was created to help low income college students achieve academic success.  Many low income students are forced to work long hours, while simultaneously attending college or university full time. When this occurs, it usually results in a decline in a student's academic performance. 

Child Foundation's College Sponsorship Program was created after a professor witnessed students struggling with their academic studies. The following excerpt was taken from a letter of request sent by this professor to Child Foundation: 

    "Where I teach, we have some very poor but bright students that due to poverty 
    and low income in their families have difficulty concentrating on their studies. I 
    suggest that Child Foundation provide some financial support to these university     
    students. Paying for bright but poor university students would have a high return. 
    These students would soon become successful and feel responsible to help support  
    other children and students."

Child Foundation collaborates with numerous universities to make funds available to students who are economically disadvantaged. Since the inception of this program, Child Foundation has helped over 400 children in need obtain a college education.

Please note that the College Sponsorship Program is not available in every country that we serve.*

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