1,000 Food Packages Fund





One Thousand Food Baskets


One Thousand Families


With the high price of food, hunger is still a struggle for many families.

For the past several years together, we affectionately helped many families through our “One Thousand Food Baskets for One Thousand Families” initiative. Last year, we could help more than one thousand families in many countries.

The program is usually initiated just before the month of Ramadan, which is the traditional month of fasting. Also, is a genuine act of selflessness and display of charity to others. The program’s success and popularity mainly comes from this simple but powerful message of providing a month’s worth of dietary allowance for 1,000 families around the world. All at a time when food is most often scarce and prices are too high.

As you know, Child Foundation is NOT a religious organization, nor does it ever get involved with projects like this based on religious or ideological grounds. What we are doing is providing the most basic of necessities (in this case, food) to families with children during a time of year when the need is probably highest and the pressure is simply too much to bear alone.

This year, we estimate the cost of these families’ food packages at $50 for small and $90 for larger families.

We urge all our kind and wonderful donors to be especially generous at this time of the year, and to help by participating in this very worthy project to help fulfill a very real need for these families around the world today.

Wishing you and your family the best of health and fortune, and we hope once again we can help more than a thousand families.