International Programs


Afghanistan: Afghanistan School Opens

In late 2010, Child Foundation received grant funding to operate a school in the poor regions of Mazar-e-sharif, Afghanistan for youth, ages 18-24. Next, a small office building was purchased for the school and the Child Foundation office in Afghanistan. We are pleased to announce that the school is up and running, and classes are now underway. Girls and boys are learning how to use computers, a valuable skill which greatly increases their opportunity for future success. This program especially focuses on empowering girls to obtain an education. The program is run by dedicated volunteers and social workers.

Sponsorship Program in Afghanistan

While international aide has been sent to refugees along northern and southern borders of Afghanistan, little attention has been given to over 2,000,000 Afghani refugees living along the Iran and Afghanistan border.   

Refugee Afghani children living in Iran have been supported by the Sponsorship Program since 1995. This is a report received from the Child Foundation office in Tehran:

“Humanitarian aide consisting of truck loads of food, shoes, clothing and blankets were distributed to children and families living in Herat and the surrounding villages of Enjil, Gozareh, Sheidaie, Fasli, Olia, Ghaleh-Sorkh, Poustin-dooz.

Trucks had to travel through the only possible road to Herat under difficult winter conditions. In villages people were living in 12’x 16’ black tents sometimes along with their animals such as sheep, goat and donkeys. On average there were 10 people living in each tent. Most of the children were without shoes and warm clothing, fighting the very harsh winter weather. Their drinking water was supplied by the wells dug up by International Aide Organizations but due to drought in most cases, people had to walk a few kilometers to get water. Burning of dried branches is the only source of heat for these people. The branches are gathered from the fields or purchased at about 10 cents per kilogram“

Indonesia: Sponsorship Program in Indonesia

Child Foundation has been supporting Khairolnisa's organization in Indonesia for the past 15 years. The children who receive our assistance live in the poorest neighborhoods in city of Bandung. In the past 15 years we have supported over 300 children to graduate from high school, technical schools and universities in Indonesia with one of them studying for his PhD in Australia (who we no longer support, she is on a scholarship). As of 2011, we currently have 46 sponsored children in Indonesia: 28 children with the Khairolnisa organization, 6 with an orphanage and 12 under direct care of Ms. Indra (Nina) Kirana, CF's local manager/coordinator, who works on volunteer basis for us. Compared to Iran this is not that significant, but to each and every one of the children, our small amount of support means a world of difference between absolute poverty and a chance for a better life.

Iran: Sponsorship Program in Iran*

Child Foundation's sponsorship program in Iran assists over 4,000 children in over 20 provinces with offices located throughout the entire country.* Since 1994, we have supported over 12,000 children. As of 2011, 13% have graduated from college, and 18% are enrolled in college. 28% are enrolled in high school, and 54% are enrolled in elementary school. 62% of sponsored children are girls.

Disaster Relief Fundraising Programs

Aid Sent to Japan

In 2011, a fund was set up to assist children and their families affected by the major tsunami and earthquake in Japan. Learn more about the Japan Tsunami and Earthquake Fund.

Aid Sent to Haiti

In 2010, Child Foundation and the Iranian-American community of Sacramento organized a fundraiser to assist children and their families affected by the major earthquake in Haiti. Over$40,000 was raised, which was donated to Sean Penn's J/P Haitian Relief organization, which will help sustain the school education programs at Ecole de L'espoir (School of Hope) serving 260 children. Read the thank you letter from Sean Penn

Aid Sent to Pakistan

In 2010, a fundraiser was organized to support Mercy Corps in assisting children and their families affected by the major flood in Pakistan. Funds raised were donated to Mercy Corps, an international relief organization.

Aid Sent to Turkey

In January 2000, Child Foundation representatives accompanied US Senator James Scott of Wisconsin on a trip to the earthquake stricken areas of Turkey and distributed care packages of toys, shoes and clothing to over 1200 children.

Throughout the year, packages of medicine, shoes and winter clothing were distributed to many children still living in tents and temporary shelters.

In collaboration with Wheelchair Foundation, Child Foundation sponsored distribution of 240 wheelchairs to school age children in Istanbul in June 2003. The Sulfan Ahmed Rotary Club of Istanbul identified the needy children and distributed the chairs. 20 special wheelchairs to accommodate basketball players were also provided.

Parents of children with disabilities usually carry their children until they are too heavy. At that point, children are confined to their rooms and are not able to go to school or participate in any program. Child Foundation’s goal is to provide mobility for these children, so they can attend school.