Children with Special Needs


Child Foundation has created four unique programs to assist children with special needs. You can make a one time donation to one or more of these programs or you can sponsor a child who has special needs.   

Children who have been through a lot of problems both emotionally, physically, and mentally need the extra help to succeed. Child Foundation and sponsors help provide life necessities while encouraging children to continue their education.

Child Foundation has constructed a fund to help blind children living in various educational institutes. 

The Blind Children Division of Child Foundation (BCD of CF) mission is to eliminate severe visual impairment as a barrier to the success of individuals with sight loss. If children with severe visual impairments have proper education, training and opportunities, they can live, work and function as responsible independent citizens when they are adults. We invite you to join us in this endeavor so that our children can have meaningful lives regardless of their visual disabilities and socio-economic status.

Under this program, children with medical needs receive help for their required treatments. Child Foundation has a long history in supporting children needing major surgeries and fighting cancer.

Children fighting cancer who are able to go to school or a sibling meeting the requirements of Child Foundation are referred for sponsorship. This program provides relief for families who are burdened by having to care for the special needs of their child fighting cancer. In most cases, families are not able to provide for the needs of their other children when faced with significant medical expenses.

During the last fiscal year, Child Foundation sponsored over 120 children who were identified as either blind or deaf. With the help of our sponsors, we hope to provide deaf children with the ability to achieve higher education and a successful life. We assist threse children by funding their daily needs and medical needs.