School Construction in Varzaghan


 Building Educational facilities in Varzaghan Area, East Azerbaijan

Child Foundation President Dr. Peyman Raoofi visited Refah Koodak (RK) Tehran and Tabriz in February. The meeting in Tabriz was with managing director of RK in the city, Dr. A. Kafi, about the possibility of establishing a branch in Turkey, and observing the progress of the school and dormitory construction in the earthquake-affected area Varzaghan.

The earthquake demolished many schools in the area and left many students without school facilities. As a result, Child Foundation funded the building of a 6-class school in the affected area.

“When the earthquakes happened in Varzaghan on August 21, 2013, we knew that many people had died, but the spirit of humanity was still alive. It has been a great pleasure for us to have provided humanitarian assistance to the victims of the Varzaghan earthquake, and to students in particular," said Dr. Kafi.

The school and dormitory under construction involves using modern materials. They are earthquake-resistant and energy-efficient.

"Youth constitutes a great part of Iran's population, and we thought it would be a good opportunity to support the education of these students. The earthquakes left so many young people deprived of educational facilities. I feel very proud of what has been done. Iran has very talented students who deserve such a donation,” said Dr. Raoofi.

RK is our sister company and we work closely together in helping the victims in Bushehr, Khash and Varzaghan earthquakes. Child Foundation has been one of the first NGOs assisting earthquake victims on these regions. Child Foundation provided food, stationary and essential supplies for the children in the earthquake stricken areas.