I came across this site on my Facebook page. I was just checking the site and see what is it all about. After I saw the face of these children in need and thought how blessed my own children are, I just couldn't stop crying as tear streamed down my face. I wish I could do more and sponsor even more children but it is not possible at this time. But the feeling of helping one child, and knowing that my help will make a difference in her life its something I can't explain. I look at her pics every day and thank god for giving me chance to do what I can at this time. Please give, help a child and give someone a future.
S. T.
Edgewood, Maryland

I believe that it's a great organization, and I am so happy that I can be part of it . I hope all of us can make positive changes in the lives of these children. Thank you so much for all of your effort. Please keep continue your great work.

I have been very impressed with Child Foundation's staff and their care level in connecting donors to their sponsored children. Most charities usually don't go as far as sharing with you how the donations were used or who the beneficiaries were. Child Foundation assured me that the donations are sent to the student named Ali in Azerbaijan province. They even organized a conference call so I could talk to Ali directly. They also sent me a profile about him so I can better understand Ali's situation. I think Child Foundation is a legitimate organization that acts as a bridge for people to reach out to the needy but talented segment of our society. I'm thankful for having the chance to get connected to an organization with such a positive mission.

We were very impressed by the dedication and heartfelt warmth of Child Foundation's staff. Child Foundation is ‎doing a great job of filling the gap between these extremely deserving and wonderful ‎children and those of us who are generally out of touch with this reality.
Tustin Ranch, CA

I appreciate your great efforts to organize the ‎meeting on July 9, 2002 to visit my adopted child. Due to a brief conversation with ‎Halimeh and her family, I have realized that they are really satisfied about the ‎financial help. Lots of positive changes have happened since last year. I am satisfied with Child Foundation's requirement that ‎the children must have good grades in the school to receive help. This is a ‎great incentive for them to continue their education.‎
Peterborough, Canada

This is a dream come true to be able to meet one of my children who is a young lady by ‎now, after so many years of reading her letters.‎ I am not a mother yet, but this truly is the closest that I have felt to being one. The ‎warm welcome I received is just as pleasant as the sweet smile on someone’s face. I ‎pray for health and long lasting relationship between us and organization.‎ With kindest regards.
A.M.‎ Signal Hill, CA

I thank you for all your hard work and this opportunity to help others.‎ I wish you all good luck and hope that we are creating a better world and better future.‎ Thank you.
Kilchburg, Switzerland

I think this is a wonderful charitable cause and my husband and I are very proud to ‎be part of it. The fact that I met Peyman, our adopted child, makes it so much more ‎personable and makes the bond in our relationship stronger. Thank you for your kind ‎efforts.