Help Nepal Now


Help Nepal Now!

Photograph by Sonia Elks

Over 4,000 dead with million others made homeless following the 7.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday, April 25th. These are just the initial accounts.

Tens of aftershocks have followed since, including one measuring 6.6 only an hour later. Homes are in ruins with entire villages ravaged by the massive quake and hospitals simply not able to cope with the waves after waves of sick and injured people arriving every hour.

With phone lines mostly out and the roads impossible to navigate at the moment, United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) is estimating about a million children being “severely affected” by this tragedy right now.

Child Foundation, through its local affiliate in Nepal, is currently seeking your urgent assistance in helping with this tragedy by donating to our special “Help Nepal Now” account set up exclusively for this propose at Child Foundation. To donate to this account, see our One Time Donation page and choose "Disaster Relief for Nepal Earthquake".

Child Foundation will be actively involved in the process of facilitating the resettlements of the children impacted by the quake and their continued schooling with as little interruption as possible just as soon as the rescue and relief stage is completed. All collected donations will be spent on children affected by this earthquake.

As always, your generous donations to Child Foundation are tax-deductible and your assistance in helping children in need is most appreciated.

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