Tabriz Project


Tabriz Project


One of our kind and generous donors in Tabriz donated 1100 square meters of land to build a school and educational center.

The land is located on Imam Street, on the corner of Sepidar alley, in a very good location with easy access to locations that we work in.

Child Foundation’s Tabriz location is planning to build a state of the art school for children in need who do not have access to quality education due to their family’s financial problems.

This school will have:

  •     A very beautiful atmosphere according to the best educational standards
  •     Top notch teachers and educators to provide the best services to students
  •     A state of the art library
  •     Equipped laboratories and workshops to encourage students’ innovative way of thinking
  •     A large and well-equipped gymnasium
  •     Extra curriculum classes in art, music, etc to expand students’ artistry and advance their talents
  •     Classes for empowering mothers with new skills
  •     Many other educational projects

      We hope that you participate in this major project that will result in those motivated students being able to break through the cycle of poverty and become productive members of society.

    If you'd like to donate to this fund, please give here.