Holidays Generosity Drive


Dear Friends,

As 2016 comes to a close, we would like to congratulate you on the eve of this New Year. We wish you, your family, and your friends the best of the holiday season, surrounded by your loved ones.

At the end of each year we look back on our challenges and accomplishments and use this moment of reflection as an opportunity to build out a roadmap for the year ahead.

A brief look at 2016 suggests that we reached our goals successfully with many thanks to you. We welcome 2017 with the same joy and understanding to build another successful year. We believe 2017 is going to be our best year yet.

In 2016, we increased our number of student scholarship recipients to more than 8,700 students, 272 of them were accepted to attend universities to further their educational needs. During this period, our monthly sponsors increased to more than 3,200. This growth helped Child Foundation surpass more than $3 million in donations for the first time in its history.

Many organizations that reflect similar growth patterns increase their overhead management costs. However, we are committed to keeping our costs low so that more of your donation can positively influence our children in need. As a result, Child Foundation has lowered its administrative cost to 3.39% and its marketing expenses to 2.87%. This translates to 93.74% of every dollar donated to being spent on our children and the humanitarian needs necessary for their families. That is why many non-profit watchdogs in the United States continue to award Child Foundation as one of the most trusted and transparent charities. Child Foundation continues to win Charity Navigator’s highest rating (4/4 Stars) and the “Best” rating award from Independent Charities of America.

In addition to the sponsorship program that has supported 8,700 children this year, Child Foundation was involved in a series of humanitarian programs. These include: 

1) The distribution of more than 2,000 "Backpacks of Hopes" that were delivered to areas in need where Child Foundation has a presence. These backpacks, which were distributed during the new school year, included stationery products and hygiene items.

2) Provided more than 1,000 food baskets to families in urgent nutritional need.

3) Sent a group of dental student volunteers to the Dominican Republic to provide dental services to children in developing areas who were in need of oral hygiene check-ups.

4) Purchasing, shipping, and distributing Persian language books for children who live in refugee camps in Greece.

5) Creating a special fund for Syrian refugees who were relocated to the United States. Due to limited financial assistance offered to them, these individuals were in dire need of assistance.

6) Creating a special fund for victims of Hurricane Matthew and sending financial assistance to help children in Haiti who are living in dire conditions. These children benefited substantially from this Child Foundation fund.

7) Providing more than 450 pairs of new shoes to children in the developing areas of Fonooj of Sistan & Baluchistan. Because of extreme poverty, most of these children walk many miles to school wearing only slippers.

8) Attending the United Nations Special Human Rights Commission and meeting Mr. Ahmad Shaheed to object to the continuation of Iranian related sanctions, which limit our humanitarian activities.

9) Conducting two international conferences on educational rights of the children in war zone areas and refugee camps.

10) Providing financial assistance to Afghan children who lost their legs in a terrorist mine explosions.

11) Providing financial assistance to the families of children with thalassemia as well as organizing blood drives to help them with their treatments.

12) Organizing a Nowruz bazaar in Los Angeles. The opportunity introduced Child Foundation to hundreds of Iranian-Americans who were shopping for Nowruz gifts. Many attendees sponsored their first child. 

13) Collaborated with professional organizations such as Ziba Design and Google for branding assistance and effective outreach and management.

This list is only a portion of what we did in 2016. For more information, I invite you to visit our website or subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter.



On behalf of all of my colleagues around the world, we would like thank our wonderful volunteers in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia who have helped us make everything possible.

On the same token, I would like to thank the 3,200+ generous sponsors who trust us with their monthly donations to help children gain access to education.

Since its inception 23 years ago, Child Foundation has helped tens of thousands of students to escape poverty and find better means for themselves and their families. With your continued support, we want to increase our 8,700 monthly student class to more than 10,000 before the end of 2017.

If you are not yet apart of our sponsorship family, we hope you join us by sponsoring a child today. Just $1 a day can help change a child’s life and help him/her ultimately become a productive member of our global community.  

To our generous sponsors: thank you. Your help has meant everything on this road to helping our children rise above poverty. We also encourage you to consider increasing your monthly donation and sponsoring another child. Beyond being an end of the year tax benefit, you will foster a family of children to become educated change makers. With your help, we will reach 10,000 children in 2017.

To everyone in our family, we ask you to introduce Child Foundation and the sponsorship experience that you have had with us to your friends and family. Many individuals do not know that you receive a written report from our local social worker every six months, which include your child’s school grades and a recent photograph. Your personal experience about the sponsorship program is valuable for your friends to join in on the support.

Thank you again for your support in helping children in need.

On behalf of all our children and our management team, we wish you a happy 2017 and Yalda to you and your loved ones.

Peyman Raoofi, Psy.D.

President & CEO