Help Children of Mine-workers




Help Children of Mine-workers

On May 3rd, an explosion happened in Zemestan Yort mine in Golestan province when workers tried to jump-start an engine in a tunnel filled with methane gas. This explosion happened in a narrow mile-long tunnel.

Rescue work was hindered by the amount of rubble and toxic gases that filled the tunnel. Rescuers were able to pull out the 43rd and last body of victims killed in the mine explosion after six days of round-the-clock digging, the state broadcaster reported.

The final death toll was higher than expected as it had been unclear how many unregistered day-laborers were trapped by the explosion.  

It is reported that most of workers were underpaid and did not have insurance; what lies ahead for their families is unknown. Child Foundation has created a special fund to help ensure that the children of these deceased mine workers can continue receiving an education.

If you’d like to participate in helping these children, please donate generously here: