Help Fatemeh for her Medical Expenses



 The accident happened 17 years ago when Fatemeh was only 40 days old. She was just a beautiful newborn in his father’s house in the village of Chanibeh which is 10 kilometers away from the city of Ahvaz.

Their house had two rooms: one was used as a bedroom and the other one was used as their kitchen and living area. In this room, they had tied a couple of nylon ropes to hang their baby’s clothes to dry.

It was during the month of Ramadan that Fatemeh’s mother took the dishes to the yard for handwashing. The distance between the washing place and the room was about 100 meters. Fatemeh’s mother says when she finished the dishes and returned to the room, she saw that the room was dark and the nylon rope had fallen on the heater and Fatemeh’s face causing her face to burn.

Since then, for the first nine years of Fatemeh’s life, her parents had been taking Fatemeh to different hospitals in Ahvaz for reconstructive surgeries on her face and eyes. Until they were told by the doctors that they could not do anything more in Ahvaz and she should be taken to Isfahan or Tehran for further operations. They also suggested that Fatemeh needs to wait until she reaches her maturity age to do plastic surgery. Her parents put off the surgeries due to financial difficulties.

Now that she is 17, the parent have resumed her medical procedures using loans and their friends’ donations. So far, Fatemeh has had four surgeries on her eyes and four on her face, but she needs eight more operations which is beyond her family’s financial ability.


Fatemeh always had excellent GPA in her primary and middle schools but in the last two years, her GPA has significantly dropped due to constant trips to Tehran for medical visits and surgeries. She studies science in high school and if she gets support, she can be a very successful student and a fantastic scientist.

Fatemeh is a resilience girl who, against all odds, has survived this accident and fought her way to stand on her feet.  It is time for us to help her finish the surgeries and get on with her life and love of becoming a scientist.


Warning: Additional picture of Fatemeh can be seen here but it may be hard for some to watch