Happy Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving is a highly celebrated and cherished tradition in America. It dates back to the arrival of the earliest immigrants on American soil, many of them refugees escaping religious prosecution from their native European land. Thanksgiving commemorates the bond forged between these early American immigrants and the Native Americans who helped them survive the first years on this new land. 

On this annual occasion, families gather to spend a happy and peaceful evening together, cherishing in the spirit of compassion and gratitude for all the blessings of life. Many take the extra effort of giving thanks by volunteering or giving donations to those less fortunate.

At Child Foundation, our mission is to connect the generosity of our donors and sponsors to the children that need it most.  This year we have chosen a new approach to celebrate the occasion – a virtual Thanksgiving dinner.  We have identified six different disadvantaged groups from around the world, many of them refugees, to whom we want to provide their basic food needs at this holiday time.

We cordially invite you to our virtual Thanksgiving dinner in an effort to extend a helping hand to those who are in dire need. This is a safe and secure opportunity to send your tax-deducible contribution to the virtual dinner of choice. This Thanksgiving we are raising fund for following groups:

Wishing you a happy and delightful Thanksgiving!


Child Foundation


Syrian Children Myanmar Children Afghan Children

Help newly-arrived Syrian refugees
who lack many provisions

Help the stateless,impoverished Rohingya
children who have escaped the atrocities
of their home country in Myanmar.

Help Afghan refugees who
escaped Taliban prosecution and
live in tents in Afghanistan’s Faryab province.


Cambodian Children Ugandan Children Iranian Children

Help in Cambodia where there
are over one million
orphans and 20,000 street
children in the capital, Phnom Phen.

Helping Batwa indigenous peoples who
had been moved forcefully by
the government of Uganda,
leaving them homeless and vulnerable

Help children in Fonooj,
Sistan-Baluchestan province,
one of the most underprivileged regions of Iran.