Niloufar from Iran - 6004 Zabol Yas


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6004 Zabol

My Story:

Niloufar is a talented student. Her Father is unable to work due to a slipped disk that has left him disabled. The family has three children, all of whom are students. Niloufar’s sister, Asma, suffers from thrombocytopenia, a blood disorder that is characterized by a low blood platelet count. She has to undergo substantial treatments which is a heavy financial burden for her family. This tremendous financial responsibility along with his own disability is extremely worrying to Niloufar’s father. At the moment, their only source of income is welfare and some aid given to them by a local charity organization. However, it is not enough. Their two room, one bathroom home belongs to Niloufar’s paternal grandfather. It is made of black concrete and has a makeshift sheet metal roof, and the surrounding area is unpaved. Their household supplies are secondhand and nearly useless, but the family makes do with them out of necessity. Considering the family’s situation, Niloufar is in need of support and assistance to be able to continue her education.