Mobina from Iran - 6001 Yas


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Mobina is ten years old from Jahrom, Fars province in Iran. She is an intelligent and talented student in the fifth grade with very high marks. Her parents are divorced due to her father’s addiction. Her mother has remarried and has a young son from the second marriage. Mobina’s step-father is a laborer and has two daughters from his previous marriage. He pays alimony and child support to his ex-wife. Mobina’s family lives in a rental home. They have taken a loan to pay for their living expenses, but have difficulty making payments. The family lives off of the step-father’s nominal left-over salary and social welfare. Due to all of these difficulties, Mobina lives with her maternal grandmother, who also supports her own two daughters, one of which is a student. Mobina’s grandmother’s income is from social welfare and a charity organization. Considering her family’s situation, Mobina needs your support to continue her studies.