In Memory of Pouran Hormozi



 In Memorial of

Pouran Hormozi




It is with our great sorrow to announce that Mrs. Pourandokht Beman Hormozi (Khosraviani) a beloved sister, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and the matriarch of her family, passed away on June 24th 2012,  (Amordad Day of Tir Mah 3750Z) at 11:19 pm in Cupertino, CA.

She is survived by her daughter, Homa Mojgari (Khosraviani) and sons, Behrooz and Bijan Khosraviani. She was also the mother of late Nahid Khosraviani, and the wife of late Mr. Bahram Khosraviani (Rasti).

The funeral services were held on Saturday June 30, 2012 at  11:00 am, Los Gatos Memorial Park in San Jose, CA (408) 356-4151. The Porseh Ceremony was held the same day, between 4:30 pm and 6:30  pm at Rostam and Morvarid Guiv Dar-e Mehr 10468 Crothers Rd.  San Jose, CA 95127 (408) 272-1678.

She will be greatly missed and her good memories will stay with  us forever. May her soul rest in peace. Ravanash Shaad va Behest-e Barin Jaygahash Baad.

----Khosraviani, Hormozi, Mojgani, Rohani, Shojaee, Sadr, Modarayi, Izadyar, Demehri, and Kaviani families---

Those who wish to can kindly consider donating to Child Foundation where a special memorial fund has been set up in memory of Pouran Hormozi.



             با اندوه بسیار درگذشت مادر، مادربزرگ، خواهر و بزرگ خوانواده هرمزی روانشاد پوراندخت هرمزی (خسرویانی) را به آگاهی می رسانیم.

             آیین خاک سپاری در روز شنبه ۳۰ ژؤن ۲۰۱۲ در لوس گتس مموریال پارک برگزار میشود.

             پرسه و گرامیداشت روانشاد در همان روز از ساعت۳۰ :۴  پس از نیمروز در در بمهر رستم و مروارید گیو سن حوزه برگزار میگردد.

هما مژگانی(خسرویانی)-بهروز و بیژن خسرویانی-           

             خانواده‌های خسرویانی - مژگانی-  هرمزی-  روحانی - شجاعی - صدر - مدارایی-  ایزدیار- دمهری و کاویانی


Traditionally, Iranians wear white in most of their ceremonies including the one when their loved ones departed to the non-material world.
This white attire represents two things: cleanliness both internal (Ashoo-ie) and external (Paak-ie) as well as happiness.

They believed if they are Healthy & Happy, the Fravahar (dignity/spirit) of their loved one will be happy as well.



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