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In Memory of Pouran Hormozi


 In Memorial of

Pouran Hormozi


Special Book Sale: Proceeds donated to Child Foundation

Funny in Farsi (Persian Edition) by Firoozeh Dumas

Teens who have Lost Sponsors

Child Foundation supports children in need who have been identifed as high achievers. This support starts when a child enters school, and continues through until he or she graduates from a university or college. 

Unfortunately, for numerous reasons, once our children reach the teenage years they often lose their sponsors. This fund was created to assist these teenagers, and to provide them with continued support, so that they can continue to pursue their education, even when they have lost one or more sponsors.  

Hunger Relief

Recent studies indicate that 24,000 individuals die each day of hunger-related causes, according to The Hunger Project, a global organization committed to the end of world hunger. This figure is a significant decline from the organization's earlier, widely used estimate of 35,000 per day.

Children with Special Needs

Child Foundation has created four unique programs to assist children with special needs. You can make a one time donation to one or more of these programs or you can sponsor a child who has special needs.   

International Programs

Afghanistan: Afghanistan School Opens

Corporate Sponsorship

Your tax-deductible corporate donations will provide an opportunity to fund special projects. The following effective and life transforming programs and funds are designed to help needy children:

  • Emergency Relief Fund
  • Adopt a School of your choice
  • Adopt a School for Blind Children
  • Vitamins for Kids
  • Annual donations to the orphans not under coverage

Child Foundation provideds its services only in the countries allowed by United States law.*


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