Help Fatemeh for her Medical Expenses


 The accident happened 17 years ago when Fatemeh was only 40 days old. She was just a beautiful newborn in his father’s house in the village of Chanibeh which is 10 kilometers away from the city of Ahvaz.



Dear Friends,

Help Zobeir for his eye surgery!


Zobeir is a talented student whose father is bed sick with GI tract inflammation and ulcer. His mother is illiterate and housewife but had been forced to take care of family because of her husband sever sickness.

In the memory of Dr. Abdollah Yamani

In loving memory of Dr. Abdollah Yamani,

whose love and charity knew no bounds.

Help Madina Now!

Madina is 9 years old, and loves painting. She lives in Mazar Sharif, Afghanistan but the school she is studying in does not offer any painting class. The city and her living area was not safe enough to go to school, so that she is now two years behind from school. She is the youngest in her family.

In Memory..

Funds that have been created in memory of a loved one.

Emergency Assistance - Haiti

Hurricane Mathew (category 4) just hit Haiti and caused enormous damage. It is the worst hurricane hitting the island in 52 years. The impacts of this hurricane are catastrophic. Hundreds and perhaps more than a thousand had been killed.

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