Sponsorship Programs


Corporate Sponsorship

Your tax-deductible corporate donations will provide an opportunity to fund special projects. The following effective and life transforming programs and funds are designed to help needy children:

  • Emergency Relief Fund
  • Adopt a School of your choice
  • Adopt a School for Blind Children
  • Vitamins for Kids
  • Annual donations to the orphans not under coverage

Child Foundation provideds its services only in the countries allowed by United States law.*

College Sponsorship

The College Sponsorship Program was created to help low income college students achieve academic success.  Many low income students are forced to work long hours, while simultaneously attending college or university full time. When this occurs, it usually results in a decline in a student's academic performance. 

Child Foundation's College Sponsorship Program was created after a professor witnessed students struggling with their academic studies. The following excerpt was taken from a letter of request sent by this professor to Child Foundation: 

Individual Sponsorship

Our Sponsorship Program

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