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1000 Food Baskets for 1000 Families 
Families in need in Iran, Afghanistan, and other countries we work in are 
struggling with  worsening food insecurity.   

The World Food Program recently published a Hunger Hotspots report indicating no other country in the world has more total number of people facing acute hunger than Afghanistan.  In Iran, in addition to the economic problems caused by the sanctions, the spread of the coronavirus has seriously added to the challenges. The closure of many stores, combined with fears and anxieties over the pandemic, led to rising food prices amidst difficult economic demands and unemployment.

Make no mistake, food insecurity persists in Afghanistan  and Iran —and your donation can help.  

In the face of increased economic problems and food costs, Child Foundation is working to ramp up our support in these areas to prevent hunger
 as the month of Ramadan comes, which sometimes further complicates a family’s ability to provide for themselves.  

Every year during Ramadan, we send thousands of food packages to families in need. 
The cost of each package for a family is approximately $20 (it varies some  from country to country), so your generous $100 contribution could help five families properly feed their children.  

We invite you to join us by participating in this humanitarian endeavor. Donate one or more food baskets to those who are in need and ease their mind from some of the many challenges they are facing.