Afghanistan Crisis Fund for Emergency Assistance

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The children of Afghanistan are facing a crisis unlike Child Foundation has seen in all of our years supporting families. Threats of insecurity and violence have forced their way into the once relatively peaceful region of Balkh province where approximately 800 Child Foundation children live and learn. But schools are closed. Roads have become dangerous. Jobs are disappearing. And we are seeing growing scarcity and escalating fear especially among working mothers, our older girl children, and the ethnic minority communities in Balkh Province.  

This is  emergency assistance .  

The good news is that in just a short time, we raised more than $15,000 and already sent it to feed 300 families. Help us keep this support going! A $50 donation helps a family get needed food from their local grocery store. Our goal is that all families of the children we support get this initial extra form of assistance and follow up with support as needed.  

In  an emergency situation  like this, food is more than a meal.   

Our support is critical in a country devastated by 30 years of violence and yet able to make such phenomenal gains in education.