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Updated September 28, 2021

The children of Afghanistan are facing a crisis unlike Child Foundation has seen in our 15 years supporting families there. Threats of insecurity and violence have forced their way into the once relatively peaceful region of Balkh province and Kabul where approximately 800 Child Foundation children live and learn. 


These communities need  emergency assistance.    


Child Foundation has already distributed $15,000 worth of food to 300 families   prior to the government change.    

 In August, families received the following goods:

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• 50 Kg Flour 

• 10 Kg Rice 

• 2 Kg Garbanzo beans 

• 2 Kg Kidney beans 

• 2 Kg Sugar 

• 5 L Cooking oil

We know that food and safe shelter are two of the most critical needs right now, and we are making progress on safely getting resources to our hundreds of families in Mazar-e Sharif and Kabul.  

Our Afghan Crisis Fund is a critical tool we will use to alleviate as much suffering as possible.

We must support those experiencing social and political crisis. Our social workers have accounted for and made contact with the majority of our sponsored students who remain in Afghanistan. And we have no reports of any children being taken from their families though we have learned that many families are currently displaced, and a few have left the country. Below is a video of an Afghan child updating her sponsor.


Our support is critical in a country devastated by 30 years of violence and yet able to make such phenomenal gains in education. Giving to Afghan children right now is a beautiful show of solidarity with and hope for Afghan youth's future.