In Memory of Alireza  


The Child Foundation team is so grateful for the beautiful life Alireza lived and the love he left behind to sustain his community. We are saddened of his passing, thankful that he was a sponsor, and count on his memory to motivate our work for children in need. 
His wonderful wife, Ehya, wrote this memory:

I would like to take a moment to thank our family and friends who have been supporting Darien and I through the most difficult time of our lives!
It’s hard to believe that we don’t have Alireza with us anymore!
He was such a caring, sweet father and a kind man who wanted nothing but the best for everyone! He was not a quitter for sure, battled with cancer for 2 years! He was such a hard working, bright human being who could make this world a better place!
We missed him so much!

Darien and I used to tease him that we are team March and he is not! I think he wanted to join our team so bad he was re-born March 29th the day after my birthday!
I wish we could celebrate many of our birthdays together! To watch Darien grow up together! Watch him go to his 1st grade, graduate from high school and follow his dreams in this world! I wish we could still have our little family and grow old together!
He wanted the whole world for Darien!
God, please help me to be able to do so for our little son the way he wanted!

He wanted this world to be better place for everyone especially children!
Alireza and I was introduced to a great found raising called “child foundation” who has provided basic necessities to children living in hardship enhancing the quality of their lives! We‘ve been a member since eight years ago!

In respect to Alireza’s preference, and in this very hard Coronavirus Pandemic I wanted to ask everyone to join us helping children be able to battle this health disaster!
May his kind soul Rest In Peace!

Until we meet again!
Darien and I will love you for ever!

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