“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving, a joy”



We would like to appreciate your kind donation and contribution for this good cause.

We are humbled and appreciative for this generosity. The world is full of wonderful things like you and we feel very lucky to live among you!

Our highest appreciation for your kindness.

Roghaieh, Amelie, Matin



Roghaieh is a talented student. She lives with her family in her grandmother's home in a village close to Bam. The family used to live in the village and the husband worked as a day laborer, but he became addicted to drugs and unable to work regularly. They couldn’t afford to pay for their living expenses and had to move to the city of Bam to live with the husband’s parents.

Roghaieh’s mother cleaned houses and also did seasonal work in farms and gardens to earn a living. Unfortunately, Roghaieh’s father was killed in a driving accident, and since he was driving without a license and was at fault, the insurance company didn’t pay them anything.

After the accident, the grand mother kicked Roghaieh, her brother, and mother out of her house and they moved back to their village. The Roghaieh’s mother suffers from depression, and cannot afford treatment. She is also taking care of her own mother and continuing to work part-time. Their house doesn’t have a proper bathroom, and they cannot afford to fix it.

Amelie and Matin have decided generously to support Roghaieh. They are asking all of their friends and families to donate to Roghaieh's fund family instead of bringing a gift.  All of your donations to the Child Foundation for Roghaieh are tax-deductible and will go toward Roghaieh's education and living expenses.