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Back To School

With the new school season around the corner, Child Foundation would like to celebrate the upcoming academic year through a campaign for underrepresented children called “Backpacks of Love.” Thanks to your generous help during this campaign last year, we succeeded in delivering enough backpacks and school supplies to more than 3000 children. 


The goal of this campaign is to empower talented children by providing them with tools that can help them pursue their education. We at Child Foundation want to make these children’s dreams’ come true, as well as try to relieve their families from financial distress. Due to the current Rial-Dollar exchange rate, each “Backpack of Love” that we give costs $30, and it is a backpack filled with required books, notebooks, and supplies. We put all our efforts in to delivering most of these backpacks to our students before school begins.


It is worth noting that the schools located in flooded Iranian provinces, including Golestan, Lorestan, Khouzestan, etc., will possibly have delayed start dates, due to the inconceivable damages to over 1000 schools. Therefore, our responsibility to assist students in these affected regions is immense. With your support, we believe we can supply them with enough backpacks to help them begin their academic year properly.


In April, immediately after the Nowruz holiday, Child Foundation prepared and provided more than 2000 educational packages to students in flooded areas, enabling them to finish their semesters. Now, we are hopeful that with your aid through this campaign, we can provide them with even more. We would like to invite all those willing to participate in this campaign to submit their donations through Child Foundation’s mailing address or our website.


Through your assistance, our students can overcome all barriers that stand between them and their future educational success. Thank you so much for your generous help, and we hope that all of us can witness the advancement, growth, and prosperity of our students in the future.   


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