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Remember that feeling on the first day of school? With new clothes and supplies, you were ready to conquer the world! Instill the same confidence in disadvantaged students through our Back to School Fund.

We want to raise   $70,000 to provide backpacks filled with school essentials for students in Iran, Afghanistan,  Indonesia, and Cambodia. With a donation of   $50, you ensure that one child has everything they need to successfully start the school year ready and with confidence. Backpacks will be filled with school supplies, uniforms, laptops, tablets, and other items based on the child's needs. 

After a tumultuous two years with COVID upsetting attendance and on-and-off virtual classrooms, students are hopeful this year will be different. They are ready to start school positively as they return to their classrooms uninterrupted with friends and teachers within arm's length. 

But this can also be an anxious time for students who lack the essentials for school. Child Foundation will provide the needed supplies to make the first day and every day afterward special. 

The students are motivated and ready to succeed; they need the extras. Your donation will give them the necessary tools and boost their confidence to step into class, perform well, and dream big! 

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