Corning Inc. Employees Help Flood Victims

Floodwaters deluge Iran after profuse amount of rain has turned roads into rivers. This has triggered several devastating flash floods in dozens of cities and hundreds of villages in 28 out of 31 provinces of Iran. The estimated damage to roads, schools, farms, and livestock are in the billions of dollars, which makes this one of Iran’s costliest natural disasters to date. Electricity and telecommunications have been cut off in many affected regions, making the situation even more dire. According to UNICEF, nearly 1 million children have been affected by the flooding. Over 1,000 health facilities and 1,000 schools have been destroyed or severely damaged forcing 100,000 children out of school and depriving thousands of essential healthcare. 
It is this time of crisis that we come together. We, employees of Corning Inc. proudly join Child Foundation to help those experiencing one of the most difficult times of their lives. We encourage everyone to donate generously to Iran Flood Fund to help.