Combating Coronavirus in our Children's Communities

Child Foundation is addressing escalating needs in Iran and Afghanistan. Reports from various provinces indicate many hospitals faced a shortage of medical equipment while families lack resources to protect and care for themselves.   

What is more, the pandemic has slashed families' incomes. Millions in Iran and Afghanistan are facing serious food insecurity. According to reports worldwide, Afghanistan is at serious risk of famine. Donate to help us feed families that have few others to turn to.

We are proud to have worked with Razi Health Foundation,, to fund two large shipments of medical supplies to Iran for the Iranian Red Crescent to disburse to the neediest of medical teams.

Our first shipment in April included:

  • Portable Ventilator MT 75 Newport - 20

  • Philips Heart Starts Defibrillator AED - 10

  • Power NEB Ultra Compressor Nebulizer - 200

  • Pulse Oximeter Finger Probe - 200

  • Nellcor Pulse Oximetry System - 50

  • Extension Cable for Oximeter Probe - 50

  • Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer – 500


The second shipment in May included:

  • Infra-red thermometers (medical-grade) - 300

  • Ultrasound units from Phillips - 20

  • ST-30 /BPAP/CPAP for use for pre- and post-ICU patients – 50

Over the last several weeks, care packages have been distributed to thousands of families in Iran thanks to the generosity of donors to our Care Package Campaign. Thousands of grocery gift cards and care packages filled with badly needed essentials have been provided to Iranian families of our sponsored children living on the brink. Photos documenting the Iran care package delivery  are here.

In March, we distributed COVID-19 education resources and hygiene equipment to hundreds of students in Afghanistan as their families face a severely underdeveloped healthcare system. The Child Foundation Afghanistan office and volunteers continue to check in with our aspiring students and their families.

Since May, our donors helped send resources to the vulnerable pediatric patients we support in the Mazar-e-Sharif Regional Hospital Thalassemia Clinic. Child Foundation funds the clinic in Afghanistan which cares for around 100 children living with a debilitating blood disorder that puts them at increased risk during the pandemic. Each family received information about how to stay safe and hygiene and medical equipment.


Your contributions can undoubtedly save lives. Please join us and donate.

We welcome any and all questions. Please contact Child Foundation at  [email protected]  or (503) 224-0409. We invite anyone who can help us with other medical supplies and equipment to contact the Child Foundation, so we can immediately coordinate. If you are interested in fundraising on behalf of this project you may contact our Outreach Team at [email protected]. All donations are tax-deductible.