Job Description                Prepared  October  2020   

Position:  Digital Content  and Social Media Coordinator

Description of the Organization  

Child Foundation is a 503(c) (3) organization incorporated in the State of Oregon and exempt from tax and was founded in 1994. CF’s mission is to help children in need, who have been identified as high achievers, stay in school. We believe that education can move a child beyond the stigma of poverty and give that child the tools to reach his or her true and full potential.  

CF  recruits  sponsors who contribute monthly  to assist  vulnerable children  and their  families  in the ir  basic needs, particularly in  education to best prepare for their future.  CF works with social service agencies in other countries who screen and select eligible children and ensure that donations reach the children.     

Location:  Portland, Oregon highly preferred. Seattle, Washington will be considered. Work will be remote for the foreseeable future with an expectation to be back in the  Portland  office  or meeting with staff in Seattle regularly  as soon as is safe.  


Scope of Responsibility:     


Child Foundation is looking for a creative  and detail-oriented writer  to  join our   growing Communications and Outreach  four-person  team  whose primary purpose is to raise  financial resources for the agency T he individual will be the in-house writing expert  also  relied on for social media strategy insights  and coordination  to engage donors . They will transform updates and content from partner organizations, our sponsors, and teammates into compelling content for Child Foundation’s website, newsletters,  campaign appeals,  and  the  social media calendar. The individual will at times edit documents developed by other teams.   The perfect fit for this position is a professional with their ear to the ground about digital fundraising efforts.  


Graphic  design  and social media management support will be provided by a fellow team member.   The Digital Content  and Social Media Coordinator  reports to the Communications and Outreach Manager as part of the Communications and Outreach team.  


Essential Job Functions    

  • Write  blogs, newsletters, campaign appeals,  templates  and other digital content  ( Expected  40%)  

  • Identify and coordinate platform-specific strategies to drive donor engagement on social media  by pulling  social media content from long-form writing  and composing  original content  ( Expected  40%)  

  • Edit documents written by other teams within the organization as needed  ( Expected  10%)  

  • Periodically draft mailers to donors  ( Expected  5%)  

  • Other fundraising and communication tasks as needed ( Expected  5%)  


Qualifications and Requirements     

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field   

  • Two+ years in social media/digital outreach  

  • Two +  years’ experience writing digital content for an organization  

  • Familiarity with digital fundraising campaign strategies  

  • Ability to  writ e compelling social media copy and vivid website content (i.e., blogs, appeals) to drive traffic    

  • Experience with platform-specific strategies that start conversations  

  • Experience developing bold, imaginative initiatives   

  • Grammar buff  

  • Background in  multitask ing  

  • Track record in meeting deadlines   

  • Background in working with culturally diverse workplaces  and constituencies  

  • Flexible and able to shift priorities as needed  


Preferred  Qualifications      

  • Experience  writing for  a non-profit or non-governmental organization , particularly  in child and family welfare, humanitarian and/or international  programs  

  • Experience communicating sensitive issues with dignified prose and strategy  

  • Exposure to multiple cultures especially, middle eastern and southeastern Asia  

  • Experience in graphic design  using Adobe suite  


Application Process  

Send a resume, two writing samples, and a cover letter to [email protected]