A series of powerful earthquakes struck Hormozgan Province in southern Iran early Saturday, July 2. Reports on the ground indicate loss of life and villages flattened while scorching temperatures have left families vulnerable. 

In less than two months, the new school year is beginning. If children do not have safe schools, safe homes, and safe environments they may never return to the classroom. An interruption in education can mean the end of that education.

Child Foundation is coordinating with partners on the ground to provide emergency assistance. Please help Child Foundation respond to the damage in villages like Sayeh Khosh for the children and families who live there.

With high summer temperatures (100+ F) and no means to protect themselves from the heat, families need us now and for the coming school year.


Emergency assistance is badly needed, including cooling equipment. With your help, Child Foundation will help the most severely affected families right away. We are carefully assessing needs immediately to ensure no waste and maximum impact. 

Please join us in this urgent need and send your donation.