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Child Foundation maintains low overhead through a myriad of methods: 1. Providing programs to large number of children in concentrated areas, helping us to efficiently and effectively distribute services. 2. Making sure our social workers are trained volunteers who live in that country or region. 3. Actively pursuing donations from corporations and companies. 4. Organizing fundraising events with trained volunteers. 5. Maximizing resources by operating with a small staff who each assume a variety of roles. 6. Utilizing volunteers throughout the United States and other countries who help Child Foundation.

Twice a year, you will receive a progress report from your child. This report will update you on your child’s academic progress, their living conditions, and any changes in your child’s mental or physical health. Along with this report, you will receive an updated picture, a letter from your child and a letter from your child’s social worker. 

Bi-annual progress reports are usually available to new sponsors after they have continuously sponsored a child for the full length of a reporting cycle. There are two reporting cycle in each year, first cycle starts at the beginning of spring, which is the start of the Persian new year, and the second one starts at the beginning of fall.

Due to the large number of sponsored children and the nature of the work, it can take up to three months after this time to receive progress reports. Depending on what time of year you start your sponsorship, it could take anywhere between eight to twelve months to receive your first progress report. Once you enter your second year of being a sponsor, you will receive two reports per year regularly.