Our sponsors become cosponsors and donations will be used to purchase food to your sponsored child.


Our goal is two cosponsors for each child in Iran to ensure a stable system of support that is more independent of government turbulance. One sponsor, through our Iran partner, provides a stipend from inside Iran or another country unencumbered by US sanctions on Iran. You can be or are already the second cosponsor who, through Child Foundation, provides food. Your support will fill your sponsored child’s Child Foundation-issued student food card each month.  This card is functionally a grocery store gift card used to claim the food imported for that child.

Sponsorship dollars go to providing food for the intended child’s family. Imported food will be distributed throughout Iran via a large, independent chain grocery store. This means, each month, families can collect the food at their convenience and with complete dignity.

Child Foundation promised that the new sponsorship program would genuintely benefit children and their families, operate efficiently, withstand political turbulence, and abide by regulations in both countries. These are our commitments.

Together, we can ensure the wellbeing of our thousands of young students will be independent of government politics as food is not sanctioned and is needed more than ever.  

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