We are excited that food is not sanctioned by the US government because grocery costs are a significant burden for the average Iranian household and even more so for our sponsored students’ families as need and academic motivation are the two most important qualifications for Child Foundation scholarships. Reports from our Iran partner office indicate food insecurity is an even more urgent need now for low-income families. We can help put food in front of our sponsored children and so we will.

We have seen the Iran program’s impact in students’ reports that the financial and emotional support over the years helped them excel. We are confident that the program’s impact will continue because food is a basic need that families must meet for their young scholars to stay in school. We know that hungry students struggle to learn. 

The food imported and package composition may differ from month to month. We have been successfully delivering beans and lentils to families. Upcoming food packages will feature more diversity of foods including portions of rice, chickpeas, and (periodically) meat.

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