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Yes, in 2012 the audit committee of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) examined all of Child Foundation's accounts for the last five years and concluded that all income, expenses, and credits had been reported accurately. According to the IRS letter, Child Foundation continues to qualify for exemption from Federal Income Tax and will continue to hold a 501(c)(3) status.

Although Child Foundation's main goal is to help children to go to school, in some special cases it provides other humanitarian aids to help children in need. Child Foundation has been very active when deadly earthquakes stroked Afghanistan, Haiti, Iran, Japan, Pakistan, and Turkey by collecting donations which resulted in building schools in Haiti and Iran, and transferring assistance in other countries. Our Afghanistan office constantly organizes blood drives to help children with thalassemia and provides free rides for their blood transfusions. We also fundraise for children who need expensive surgeries that they cannot afford.

There are many ways that you can help Child Foundation to assist children in need. 

  • Sponsor a child: Just go to our Sponsor page and choose one or more children to help.
  • Donate: You can visit our one-time-donation page and choose any of our humanitarian projects in which you are interested and help launch or continue that program through your generosity.
  • Volunteer: Please complete our volunteer application, and we will contact you to see how we can work together to help children in need.
  • Spread the Word: Talk to your friends and family about Child Foundation's humanitarian activities and share with them your own experience. If you need additional copies of our annual magazine, annual report, or just a list of our children waiting to be sponsored, please contact us and we will send them to you
  • Follow us: We are on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram. You can follow us on our social media outlets or just send us your e-mail and we will send you our monthly newsletter.