Where is the friend's home?

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  Where is the friend’s home?” is an internationally acclaimed film by late Abbas Kiarostami, about the quest of a young boy to find his friend's home in the neighboring village to return his notebook.


However, what if friends don’t have a home at all?!... This is a reality of three children we are supporting who have an immediate need for your help in order to have a safe place to live.


Case 1:   Nastaran is a very talented 9th-grade student from Ardebil whose parents divorced because of their father's irresponsibility. The mother, who has full custody of Nastaran, and her sister had previously worked at someone’s house that provided the family's daily needs and rent.

A few months ago, Nastaran’s sister was kidnapped by several young men and beaten, injured and..! She now suffers from mental and psychological instabilities and the mother has to stay home with her for constant care. Since the mother is unemployed and can’t pay for rent their landlord has taken their deposit as rent. While the deposit dried up, he is forcing them to evacuate their home.


Case 2:   Ghazal is one of the students supported by Child Foundation in Ahvaz who used to live with his mother and siblings in a small rental room. Her mother separated from his drug-addicted father who made no financial contributions to the family.

The mother used to work in people’s house, but she became ill from Cirrhosis, a liver disease which hospitalized her and eventually forced her to lose work. Since she couldn’t make the rent payment, the landlord started to take her deposit as her payment and when it finished, they were forced to evacuate. A kind family let them live in a half-built house on the edge of the city which doesn’t have any amenities. It is very uncomfortable for the children and even safety could be an issue.


Case 3:   Our social worker in her recent home visit to Zahra who, lives alone with her mother, in a small place in the city of Yazd. The social worker noticed that the family feels very uncomfortable with their landlord who constantly harass them and makes inappropriate   suggestions to them. Our social worker has suggested to move them immediately to a newer safer place, otherwise it will affect the future of Zahra.


To solve these three cases, we need your help! We need at least $5,500 to find appropriate housing for these three girls and their family. Please donate generously to our Housing fund here.


Any additional funding we collect will go toward other similar cases.

Please donate generously to our Housing Fund by clicking the donate button.