The Iran Education Fund equips students who are motivated to learn with the tools they need to access and succeed in school. 

Poverty and the COVID crisis make access to education very difficult for disadvantaged children in Iran. More and more educational activities are trending toward internet-based online learning. And whether in-person classes are occurring or not, they need to have tools for online learning and other necessary support and service to excel in their studies and carve out a better future for themselves and their families. 


The Iran Education Fund is a vital new foundation to Child Foundation’s Iran Program. It is a deep and effective investment in a disadvantaged child’s education in multiple ways .  Through the fund, we provide ongoing support to students with essentials like laptops, tablets, and internet access.  Additionally, the fund supports after-school classes, college entrance exam prep materials, tuition, and backpacks stuffed with school supplies, and more.  As the school year evolves, new needs may arise and be assessed, and the fund can be applied for additional support.  In the current situation and into the foreseeable future, students in Iran might transition back and forth from online learning to in-person classes, so we need to be ready to act fast based on their needs.  


The Iran Education Fund is a tremendous opportunity and investment in our students, unlike Child Foundation has ever done before.  Help us raise the funds needed and stay tuned for  monthly updates  with our newsletter.