Dear Family and Friends:

Please join us in honoring our beloved Hanieh Rastgoy (Fakhim), who passed away on October 11th, after a battle with Breast cancer.  
She was a courageous woman and fought this terrible disease to the very end. 
She was humbly beautiful. 
She loved and cherished her husband. 
She was a devoted daughter and sister. 
She was a loving friend.
Most importantly, she was an outstanding mother, who raised two beautiful and strong children. 
As a mother she cared about all children and could not bear to witness their suffering. She wanted us to remember her for the care she had for children in need. We can honor her by helping a child in need, in the hope they will have a better life and bright future.  A fundraising page under her name has been created, which can be found on The Child Foundation’s Facebook page.  
You can sponsor a child for as little of $30.00 a month, or give a one time gift in  any amount you choose.

Donate        Sponsor Child

Thank you on behalf of Hanieh’s family for your love and care.