Warm and Safe Classrooms for Sistani Children

Following the tragic incident on December 18th in the city of Zahedan Iran, where a faulty heater in a classroom caught on fire, resulting in the death of four young girls, it is now more important than ever for us to make sure classrooms are a safe place for students to learn and to thrive. 

The United Nation’s fourth Sustainable Development Goal is for children to obtain Quality Education, and the Child Foundation’s work is dedicated to this cause. Basic safety and security are necessary for children to be able to obtain an education, let alone gain access to better opportunities.

Following this incident, Child Foundation contacted local school authorities to see how many heaters are not up to standards and are a threat to the safety of children in the schools. At least 200 classrooms are in dire need of having their heating systems replaced. In addition, local authorities have requested at least 40 new Conex units to serve as classrooms while crumbling classrooms are renovated.

With that, Child Foundation is happy to announce its newest campaign, "Warm and Safe Classrooms for Sistani Children". This campaign will raise funds to replace at least 200 heating systems and purchase 40 new Conex units for schools in the province of Sistan and Baluchestan.

The price of each heating system (including delivery and installation) is approximately $110, while the price of each Conex unit (furnished with desks and chairs) is $4,800.

Any individual or group who donates the full price of a Conex unit will have the Conex unit named after them, along with photos of their unit and where it is located.

We urge each and every one of you to contribute to creating a safe and warm classroom for children to study in.

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