Help Baby Francesca Now! 

rancesca was born on October 2, 2016. Everything was okay when she was born. When she was one week old, a manifestation of rashes appeared on her face. Her parents took her to the doctor and they were told that it was just a normal rash and that applying some moisturizer would take care of it. But as weeks and months went by, the rash appeared again and again and finally, it spread rapidly all around her face and to her arm.

In March, when she was 5 months old, her parents took her to a dermatologist and there she was diagnosed with skin asthma. They changed her milk to a hypo-allergenic type, which is very expensive. Her skin condition continued to worsen until early April when they took Francesca to the hospital because her whole face was covered with the rash. It was so severe that every time she scratched her face, it bled.

On Saturday, April 22nd, Francesca become sleepy and had a high fever.

The following day, in a matter of seconds, sores erupted all over her mouth and face.

She is now in the hospital for further examination and the family cannot afford her medical bills. Doctors say Francesca is in needs of lots of different tests to know what kind of bacteria has infected her.

It is a costly task and the family is in great needs of help. Please join us in helping Francesca with her medical bills. All your donations are tax deductible.

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