Assisting Syrian Refugees                        

The Syrian civil war has displaced millions of defenseless people into rough mountains and parched dessert areas all over neighboring counties, as well as Europe, while in search of basic safety and simple shelter. The harrowing photographs of innocent children and frail men and women at their wit’s end are heart wrenching. Now we are asking you to help.

If the image of the little Syrian child washed ashore, innocent of the slightest wrong doing but victim to the senseless violence and the grueling flight of the refugee, made a mark on your conscience, then stand with us to help more like him from becoming casualties of war.

Today, tens of thousands of Syrian refugees have fled to European countries, and while still on the run, will soon face cold weather and winter conditions they have never faced before. With nothing but the clothes on their back, they are hardly prepared for the hardships ahead. They need a great deal of human generosity to survive their plight, and they need warm clothes for themselves and their children to brave the journey ahead.

Since the refugee crisis began, our Child Foundation Offices in Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland have been working with local authorities to help these forgotten people. We have been providing food and clothing to them as best we can. Now, we are starting a clothing drive in earnest, to gather warm clothes for the coming wet and cold winter months, during which many will perish. Don’t let that happen. Save a life by giving away clothes. Don’t click away, give today.

We also ask that you contact clothing and fashion companies to seek their assistance and support. We will provide proper receipts for their donations and acknowledge their generosity. Be a part of the caring community of people who step up to the call of humanity, and help save lives across the world. These are the innocent causalities of ugly conflict, and they need your generosity to survive.

As always, it is better to donate financially, this way it is easier to purchase locally. Otherwise, please contact our Los Angeles office through 310-5453-0809 or 503-224-0409, or send us an e-mail for coordination.

Donate here .  

Our clothing drive has ended, but we are still collecting cash donations. If you'd like to make a contribution to this fund, give here.