Ensi Rezabeyk

In loving memory of my dear mom, Ensi Rezabeyk, I am inviting you for donations to Child Foundations. I have chosen this nonprofit because I know that their mission meant a lot to my mom and I hope you will consider contributing to honor her. My mom was always there to give and support her children and others especially when it came to their education. I still remember my exam nights at school that she was up all night sitting with me just to give me more comfort to study! The picture shows her and my dad visiting at our doctoral studies university campus in the USA, 7000 miles away from their home!

Good education is a right for all children, but poverty hinders some kids’ access. Child Foundation is an international nonprofit organization headquartered in Portland, OR that offers relief and financial aid to underprivileged children to allow them to continue their education. Every little bit will mean a lot.

Ali Kashani

We at Child Foundation are grateful for Mrs. Ensi Rezabeyk's life and impact on child education. Such dedication, day-to-day is precisely what our world's children need and deserve from us. Donations to this fund will go toward Child Foundation programs at the guidance of Mrs. Ensi Rezabeyk's discretion.