The Iran Education Fund equips students who are motivated to learn with the tools they need to access and succeed in school. 

Poverty and the COVID crisis make access to education very difficult for disadvantaged children in Iran. More and more educational activities are trending toward internet-based online learning. And whether in-person classes are occurring or not, they need to have tools for online learning and other necessary support and services to excel in their studies, carving out a better future for themselves and their families. 

The Iran Education Fund is a vital new foundation to Child Foundation’s Iran Program. It is a deep and effective investment in a disadvantaged child’s education in multiple ways.  Through the fund, we provide ongoing support to students with essentials like laptops, tablets, and internet access.  Additionally, the fund supports after-school classes, college entrance exam prep materials, tuition, and backpacks stuffed with school supplies, and more. 

Since late 2021, we distributed 600+ laptops, 350+ tablets, and 100+ smartphones to students in Iran who needed them to learn. And these students told us laptops and tablets are gamechangers that give them hope.

Here are some of the students we interviewed in Iran and the impact they are reporting.

  • Fatemeh Zahra (university student studying fashion design) can finally work with the design software of her trade.

  • Mohammad Amin (6th grade) is taking computer classes to get started early on tech literacy. And when classes are online, he no longer needs to borrow his married sister’s cellphone.

  • Aida (high school) can really dig into her university exam preparations.

  • Khatereh (high school) is engaging more meaningfully in her online classes because her cellphone had such limited capacity.

  • Fatameh (university student studying law) can access materials, enriching her education and preparations for her law exam soon after graduation.

    And the testimonies keep coming in!  Fatemeh from Eilam is in 10th grade studying computers and she sent us this message about her laptop from the IEF:

    Thank you very much for your kindness. Thank you for your help and for providing me with a laptop. You took a great burden off the shoulders of my family with the help that you rendered me. I will always pray for you. Thank you for everything. I hope I can make you happy and repay your kindness with good grades.

    And the children are asking for more. Nearly every child we spoke to wants to take after-school classes or university exam preparation courses or both! Many also expressed a need for books and an additional tech tool. We know every student has needs and it will take the entire Child Foundation family to equip each child.

    We also hear from our sponsored students that the Iran Education Fund is a valuable complement to our Cosponsorship Program. The monthly food support they already receive from their Child Foundation sponsor is nourishing and families say, vital for their wellbeing. Monthly food packages are becoming more nutritiously diversified with rice and chickpeas along with the beans and lentils that started this program. Based on feedback, we are also increasing the food package allotments to do even more good. 

    The Iran Education Fund is a tremendous opportunity and investment in our students, unlike Child Foundation has ever done before.  Help us raise the funds needed for the thousands of children we support in Iran and stay tuned for monthly updates with our newsletter.