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Kiana, an 18-month old baby girl has been diagnosed with a rare disease called SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) type 2, which is a terminal, degenerative disease, that takes away a child's ability to walk, stand, sit, eat, breathe, and even swallow. A new medication, SPINRAZA, can not only stop the disease, but can restore previous degeneration. Unfortunately, Spinraza is VERY expensive, costing $750,000 USD! Without Spinraza Kiana will die. It is imperative that we raise funds immediately in order to save Kiana's life. We are so grateful for your support! You are literally saving Kiana's life.

Kiana was born in January of 2017 in a rural area of Khatam in Yazd province, Iran. She was acting normal in every way until she was 9 months old. Her parents noticed she was gradually losing her strength. After undergoing various tests, Kiana was diagnosed with SMA type II. SMA is a rare genetic disease that impairs the control of muscle movements and if not treated in time will impact muscles used for breathing and swallowing which will ultimately lead to death.

There are attempts around the world to find a reliable cure for this devastating disease. Biogen's Spinraza (Nusinersen) is the only available drug in the market for SMA (with FDA approval in late 2016) and unfortunately it is a very expensive treatment (750,000 USD for a full-year treatment). This is far beyond what Kiana's family can afford, yet they are desperately looking for help so that they may save Kiana's life before it is too late. 

Kiana is a fighter. She currently travels to Yazd city (150 miles away from her home) for occupational therapy twice a week and is now able to sit for a few minutes. However, this is as far as she can progress and if she does not receive Spinraza it is just a matter of time before this disease defeats Kiana. 

Kiana's parents will never stop fighting to save their precious daughter's life. We cannot just sit and watch her struggle to survive. Kiana deserves to be cured and given an opportunity to experience the beauty of life.

Together we can confirm that borders do not stop humanity. Help Kiana see more days with her loving parents. Do not let Kiana and her parents struggle alone; every dollar counts! Please donate and invite family and friends to this fundraising campaign. Inviting just a hand full of friends will make a huge impact. It is truly heartbreaking watching this baby girl suffer from this cruel disease, but we have hope that together we can save her life!

Thank you for your love and support


Other Information:

You can sign a petition for Kiana and other kids in the same situation here.


To learn more about Kiana , please visit the following Facebook page which includes documents, medical test results, pictures, videos and here 


Please note that if by any means and as painful as it is to say, beloved Kiana is not able to receive the medication provided by your donations, the money raised will be generously gifted to other children struggling with SMA.