Kiarostami Scholarships

Abbas Kiarostami was perhaps the most famous Iranian filmmaker whose life sadly ended in July of 2016. He was a film-maker whose stories were set in the real world. His movies meanings were not easily rendered; they were replete with meditative calm, sadness, reflection, but also dissent, obliquely stylized confrontation and emotional negotiation – as well as his own elusive kind of playful humor.

Kiarostami began his artistic work by illustrating children’s book. Later, in the early 70’s, he helped found a film-making department at the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults in Tehran. It was there that he made several short films aimed at, and about, children.

In honor of Abbas Kiarostami’s work on the subject of children, Child Foundation had created Kiarostami’s Educational scholarship in collaboration with his family. We will start with 100 children in need who will receive this scholarship and will continue to increase this number as more donors participate.

To be part of this educational movement, please choose any child in our sponsorship page and let us know an amount for your monthly contribution. We make sure he/she receives your monthly donation, and in return you receive a biannual report on how your help changes your sponsored child’s life. 

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