You are invited to join us in celebrating 

Neekta’s 7th Birthday!

My name is Neekta and my family have been sponsoring my friend Leyla through Child Foundation for the last six years, so that she can continue to go to school. Leyla is a smart girl with very good grades at school. Her father had abandoned the family many years ago when she was very young. Leyla now lives with her mother and two brothers in a very small, old and damp house. Leyla has osteoporosis and is currently taking medicine to treat her condition. Her mother also suffers from very painful arthritis and is unable to work.

  I decided to celebrate my birthday by helping Leyla and her mother with their medical bills. Child Foundation created a Birthday fund for me that all of my friends and family can donate to, instead of bringing me a gift to the party. I appreciate all the gifts you have given me in the past birthdays and I thank you for helping Leyla instead, this year. If I can go to school, why shouldn't Leyla?

Donate to Neekta's Birthday Fund