OFAC License Delay:
What You Need To Know

What’s happening

Child Foundation is currently waiting for the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) to renew its OFAC license, which will permit us to continue sending children’s sponsorships and charitable contributions to Iran. The OFAC license, which is required to send U.S. originating funds to any country under U.S. sanctions, has been delayed for unknown reasons. Our application for license renewal was submitted on time and we have not experienced such delays in the past. Requests for information have not clarified the situation. The delay in renewal jeopardizes the timely distribution of sponsorships for Iranian children and may impact our ability to distribute large contributions for relief assistance in response to any future emergency in Iran. Child Foundation is closely monitoring the situation, and working with our congressional representatives, internal team, and external support to ensure that aid essential to the education of children reaches its intended recipients. United States policy is clear that humanitarian aid as well as projects and activities designed to directly benefit the Iranian people of Iran, particularly in realization of human rights such as the right to education and basic needs, should be duly permitted . Please see below for FAQs and to find out how you can help. Thank you for standing by your sponsored children and Child Foundation as we address this challenge.




How you can help

Thank you for your voice and activism. Here are three things you can do to help this situation.

1. Please call or email your senators and representatives and ask them to support the urgent processing of Child Foundation’s OFAC license. Common Cause is one site you can use to find all your congressional representatives. Access it  here.

Here is a suggested script – please feel free to cut and paste and adjust with your own voice and changes!


My name is ___________ and I sponsor ___ children in Iran through an American 501(c)(3) nonprofit called Child Foundation. The names of the children I support are ____ and ____ and they are ____ years old (you can add children, or any details about your children here if you like).  _____ and____ depend on my support for education and their daily needs, which are human rights these children are entitled to and which we have a duty to provide. Charitable contributions through Child Foundation also  provide essential humanitarian relief in emergencies. For example, donors gave $500,000 to aid 1,000 families to rebuild their lives after the flood this spring, and also $400,000 including for the reconstruction of 125 classrooms in Kermanshah in 2017 after the devastating earthquake.

Recently, Child Foundation has experienced an unprecedented delay in receiving their license renewal from the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC).  As a result, my donations are unable to reach the children I support. In U.S. and international policy, all people have the right to humanitarian aid, and aid towards achieving their human rights. Supporting the people of Iran in these ways should not be inhibited, nor is it the intent of the U.S. government to do so. On June 24, 2019, Secretary Steve Mnuchin said in his briefing on new Iran sanctions that, “our issue is not with the people of Iran, so I want to be very clear, we are not looking at creating issues for the people of Iran.” Child Foundation’s work in Iran is one of the few visible expressions of the United States’ position of good will towards the Iranian people.

OFAC guidance also states that, “OFAC also administers a favorable licensing policy for projects and activities in or related to Iran that are designed to directly benefit the Iranian people in the areas of democracy and human rights and academic and cultural exchange programs. This means that OFAC will interpret its regulations to allow such projects and activities to the greatest extent permitted by U.S. law.” My sponsorship for __________ and _________ to stay in school, facilitated by Child Foundation, directly benefits the Iranian people in the area of democracy and human rights by supporting the basic needs of these children and their right to access education. 

I kindly request your help to ensure my donation makes it to these children who depend on it and who are entitled to their human rights, including their right to education and basic needs. Child Foundation’s license renewal application number is  IA-2018-354268-1. I ask that you please contact OFAC and use your good offices to facilitate the urgent processing of Child Foundation’s license renewal.


We are grateful for your solidarity and request that you inform us when you have contacted your representatives and senators, so we can follow up on your support. Let us know who you’ve contacted by emailing [email protected] .

2. You may contribute to Child Foundation’s general fund , which will help us support legal and advocacy costs we are incurring to resolve this issue. You can contribute by clicking here , and please do ask friends and family to do the same, or create a fundraiser for this purpose. Let us know if you need our support with Child Foundation materials, speakers, or ideas.

3. Please let us know any leads or ideas you have for individuals or entities that are going through a similar situation, or if you yourself are able to volunteer. To provide us with leads and ideas, or to volunteer, please email [email protected]

Thank you for your consistent support and solidarity.Stay tuned for further ways you can help.