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Dear Friends

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit south of Iran at the end of 2017; 630 died, and many lost their homes. More than 50 schools had been destroyed or damaged, and more than 400 classrooms are destroyed.

I am running my first marathon in March in the city of Los Angeles and have teamed up with The Child Foundation to raise money to purchase conexes (mobile-home type units) for children whose schools had been destroyed by the earthquake. Your generous donations will buy a Conex to be used as a warm and safe classroom for children. Each unit costs $5000.

My journey to soon becoming a father has given me a new perspective on the needs of children. Many people helped us in this journey from doctors to complete strangers. I would like to become more personally involved to ensure the health and wellness of children and families in need.

Please consider donating to these children and families in need. Whether large or small, any amount is greatly appreciated and will go a long way in helping these families for the education of their children who desperately need.


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