President Position 

Scope of Responsibility:

The President reports to and works under direction of the Board of Directors. The individual supervises multiple departments, projects, and processes while overseeing all internal communications and coordinating all external communication with Child Foundation (CF) partner organizations, CF affiliates, legal counsel, government officials, and other NGO management. The President is responsible for generation of new revenue streams and maintenance of the existing sources of income for the Foundation. The President will ensure efficient operation of the Foundation within the approved budget.

Essential Job Functions:

Revenue generation: The President is solely responsible for creating new opportunities for CF. This includes new means of revenue generation, expansion of CF services and alliances which will result in financial growth for the Foundation.

Execution: The President acts as the foundation’s CEO and is responsible for all aspects of CF operations. This includes but is not limited to Finances, Human Resources, Outreach & Marketing, Internal & External Communication, Legal and Compliance, Customer Support, Sponsorship Programs, Special Projects, and Government Relations, as described here.

Communications: For this role, the President provides direction and maintains close relationship with CF Communications and Outreach Manager who oversees all aspects of CF’s communications such as outreach, donor relations, public relations, and advocacy teams. Strong leadership is necessary to maintain Child Foundation relations.

Review and improvement of the existing of Policy & Practices: The President is the champion of CF’s current internal and external policies and practices ensuring a compliant operation within the approved budget, in line with the Board of Directors’ resolutions and action items. Furthermore, attention to donors’ and sponsors’ needs and requests shall be the focus of the president in continuous improvement of the existing practices.

Outreach: With strategic design and culturally sensitive implementation, the President will implement CF’s Board approved initiatives and actions in accordance with CF’s mission and annual strategic plan goals. CF president leads the Foundation through dynamic marketing to local and national communities using events and networking for partnership purposes. Directly overseeing the release of CF’s regular newsletter will be an essential task of the President.

Sponsorship and Project Management: President is required to be involved in CF’s existing and future sponsorship and special projects. In this regard, the President will establish guidelines for supporting programs and allocating funds to different projects within the scope of the approved budget.

Media and Public Relations: The President shall be sensitive to media and public inquiries, monitor coverage of the Foundation and its partner organizations, and support development of public relations protocols and guidelines.

Staff Management and Development: This role requires positive and continuous engagement with all members of CF staff, performance evaluation, career planning, training plans and all related aspects of human resource development.

Volunteer Management Control: The President will ensure that CF’s volunteer management program is effectively meeting the needs of the Foundation.

Financial Management: This position demands detailed attention to the approved budgets, strategies for income generation, expense control, and fundraising. The President will manage and oversee short and long-term financial projects and recommends, to the Board of Directors, strategies targeted toward financial health of the organization.

Public Affairs and Advocacy: This role connects CF to political allies by explaining and advocating for CF’s programs, issues, and interests. The President will be present as needed at national and international functions. Attending to this task involves occasional travel.

Digital Media: The President continually promotes and oversees planning, development, and publication

across CF’s current social media channels (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and website.

Qualifications and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree is required. Master’s degree in NGO, business or related field is preferred, 3 years management experience is required,

Prior experience in a non-profit or non-governmental organization is desired, Knowledge of Persian culture and language is preferred.

Application procedure:

To apply, applicants need to submit their resume along with a cover letter to the following address: [email protected]

Applications are accepted until June 30, 2020.

For candidates short-listed, interviews will not begin until late July.