How does Child Foundation use your donations?

Child Foundation takes enormous pride in making sure that the funding we receive from our sponsors and donors is used in an optimal manner.

Since 1998, Child Foundation has been a member of Guidestar, the National Database of Non-Profit Organizations. Guidestar currently has a membership of 1.5 million organizations and provides viewers with detailed information about nonprofit organizations.

You can view Child Foundation's audited Financial Statements, as well as other detailed information, on our website or by visiting: and searching for "Child Foundation, USA", using the SEARCH engine on that website.

These statements are in PDF format and require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader application. If it is not installed on your computer, please download it.

The end of a 13-month audit has finally closed with great success.

The IRS examined two years worth of documentation including all governing instruments, contracts, licenses, board and committee meeting minutes, and accounting and financial statements. Specifically, the IRS auditor examined:

  • Every wire transfer sent by Child Foundation USA over the last two years including those sent to Afghanistan and Iran. 

  • Each memorandum of understandings (MOU) which set out how Child Foundation USA works with each affiliate office around the world. 

  • Each contracted trustee, officer, director, and key employee contract to ensure transparent, reasonable wages. 

  • All donations, tracing their being applied to the intended campaign or child with only reasonable and reported overhead cost reductions.

  • The criteria for selecting children eligible for programs and how needs were assessed. We explained our internal auditing process which verifies that resources are received by children and used to support their education.

  • Our independent auditor and their records.

We received a flawless finding from IRS with no changes to our status as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. The successful audit was no surprise to Child Foundation. We are proud to be a top-rated and transparent organization who put the welfare of children at the center of all we do.

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