How does Child Foundation use your donations?


Charity Navigator is a respected charity watchdog group. It provides the most comprehensive review of nonprofit agency financial effectiveness in supporting its mission program. For Child Foundation this is centered on disadvantaged children accessing and succeeding in education.
The best indicator for how much of an agency’s financial resources are devoted to program, meaning to children for Child Foundation, is the Program Expense Ratio. Charity Navigator determines this ratio by assessing the three-year average of financial records. Child Foundation has about 93% of all expenses spent on services and support to children, as reported by Charity Navigator. In other words, about 7% goes to fundraising and general administration. This can also be called overhead.
You will see Child Foundation’s program expense ratio/overhead is one of the best for a child welfare organization as measured by Charity Navigator, if you want to compare with other agencies on their website.

No overhead expenses are taken from sponsorship donations – all go to program support and services to children.