Ryan’s Birthday

R yan Ratner is turning 1. Ryan is thankful that he has so many wonderful people in his life who want to get him presents for his birthday. Instead, Ryan would prefer if you could donate to the Child Foundation and help a child living in poverty be able to stay in school.

Founded in 1994, Child Foundation is an international nonprofit organization headquartered in Portland, OR that offers relief and financial aid to underprivileged children and their families living in poverty, allowing them to continue their education.  The children sponsored through our programs are high achievers, and many of the children we assist are orphans or children living in emergency situations. By enhancing the quality of life for children in need, we actively help them gain access to education and build a better future for themselves and their respective communities. By taking away financial barriers to education, we reduce the likelihood of children leaving school prematurely to work, or in some circumstances, being married off. As of 2018, with the support of our sister organizations, we are now sponsoring over 10,500 children.