School’s In, Plug In  Afghanistan  

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 You may not smell the freshly sharpened pencils but school’s in for Afghan students beginning their second term. Several schools in Mazre-Sharif have instituted distance learning and we need your help to equip 272 families in Afghanistan for this opportunity so that these students do not fall behind.

Afghan schools are recording and disseminating lessons to students by USB to protect families from COVID-19. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready for this turn to technology.  Many children do not have televisions to watch the lessons on. And many have no means to plug in a television even if they had one.

Unfortunately, 244 Child Foundation families in Afghanistan need USB-equipped televisions.   However, 28 more families live without both a television and electricity. To ensure these talented students have access to their classes, they need a battery and solar panel to power a television. 

    - USB-equipped 24” Sony television $56
    - Battery  (100  wH) $98   
    - Solar panel to recharge  battery $86    

Your donation puts this equipment into the hands of students eager to learn. Your donation makes the continuation of their education possible.  
School’s in session. Help us plug them in for lessons.